Humidity and Temperature Sensors

The Inexpensive Transmitter

Voltage0…1/5/10 VDC
Response Time4 s
Supply Voltage12…28 VAC / 15…40 VDC
Current4-20 mA
Output NumberTwo freely scalable analog outputs

Backed with immense experience and understanding, we are recognized as one of the most prominent importers and exporters of Transmitter that offers stable and reliable Humidity and Temperature measurement. Be it in international or domestic market, our given Transmitters are cherished and acknowledged over the global platform. The entire array of Transmitter is checked upon a series of norms so as to assure its quality. Besides, we offer the Transmitter in a huge array of stipulations as per the requirements of our patrons.


Technical Information :

The HygroFlex1 series is the latest development in inexpensive HVAC transmitters for relative Humidity and Temperature. The devices are equipped with the tried-and-tested Hygromer® IN-1 sensor and boast unbeatable value for money. The optional ROTRONIC SW21 Software enables you to scale, calibrate and adjust (only Humidity) the Transmitter.

Technical Specification :


Transmitter type

2-wire type: HF120
3/4 wire type: HF13x

Supply voltage

12…28 VAC / 15…40 VDC

Current consumption

2-wire type max. 40mA
3/4 wire type
with voltage output: < 15 mA
with current output: < 55 mA


Humidity and/or temperature

Housing material / IP

ABS / IP65


Wall version type W and A: 140 g
Duct version 100 mm type B and D: 140 g
Duct version 300 mm type E and F: 200 g
Space version type L and S: 90 g

Integrated sensors


Operating and measurement range

-20…50oC / 0…100 %RH (non-condensing)

CE / EMC compatibility


Humidity Measurement

Humidity sensor

ROTRONIC Hygromer® IN-1

Accuracy at 23 oC +5 K

<3 %RH (10…90 %RH)

Long-term stability

<1.5 %RH per year

Response time τ63

30 s (63 % of a jump 35…80 %RH) without ???lter

Temperature Measurement



Standard temperature scale

0…50oC or 0…100oF

Accuracy at 23oC +5 K

+ 0.3oK (0…50oC)

Response time





Two freely scalable analog outputs


4…20 mA


0…1/5/10 VDC

Air Velocity and Temperature Transmitter EE75 Series

Output Value0 – 10 V or 4 – 20 mA (Adjustable by jumpers)
Accuracy+/- 0.2m/s 3% mv
Model NumberEE75 Series
Measuring RangeUp to 40 m/s
Working Temperature40 to 120 deg C

Our Air Velocity Transmitters EE75 Series has a huge demand in the market due to its sturdy construction and high efficiency. These products are widely appreciated among our clients and we provide them in different specifications as per the requirement. Our Air Velocity EE75 Series is extensively used in numerous industries for diverse applications. We also offer them in various customizations to meet the different customer demands. The EE75 Series Air Velocity Transmitters were developed to obtain accurate measuring results over a wide range of Velocities and Temperatures. A high-quality hot film sensor element based on cutting- edge thin film technology ensures maximum sensitivity, even at lowest mass flows. At the same time, the innovative probe design produces reliable measuring results at high flow velocities of up to 40m/s (8000fVmin). The integrated Temperature compensation minimizes the Temperature cross-sensitivity of the EE75 Series which, combined with the robust mechanical design, allows it to be used at process Temperatures between -40 to 120°C(-40 to 248°F).

Other Details:

  • In addition to Air Velocity and Temperature values, the Transmitter calculates the volumetric flow rate in m3/h or ft3/min. The cross section of the duct needs to be determined for this purpose and the volumetric flow rate can be displayed and directed to one of the analogue outputs. The EE75 Series can be used to measure the velocity of other gases as well, although a correction has to be applied to the unit at the factory.

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